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(Not rated; mature themes)

REDEEMER Any Bible-quoting vigilante that calls himself Redeemer delivers criminals a opportunity to repent or perhaps die. (R; language, sexual content)

7 MINUTES In Order To repay his or her credit card debt to a murderous drug lord, 3 younger men strategy any robbery which includes unintended consequences and also unexpected complications. (R; violence, language)

THE LESSON a Bulgarian schoolteacher trying to keep her lifestyle along with family collectively turns into a local loan shark to obtain money to spend their own debts. (R; language, fantasy violence)

THE BLOOD LANDS a couple purchase a farmhouse within the Scottish countryside, which in turn turns out being the web site of a battle among Scots as well as English forces centuries earlier which has the actual ghosts of the former seeking revenge. Thriller along with Hayden Christensen, Adrien Brody, Jordana Brewster as well as rapper-actor Akon. (PG-13; sexual material, drug use, brief language)

THE SURFACE Sean Astin and Wisconsin native Chris Mulkey play lost souls aboard the sinking boat in Lake Michigan, where their particular just psychological life preservers tend to be every other. Who'll be first in this year's class? Allegedly inspired simply by true events; co-written simply by Bret Easton Ellis ("American Psycho"). (R; several violence, gore)

HARBINGER DOWN The crabbing boat within the Bering Sea dredges up some previous Soviet wreckage which includes human bodies and some Soviet-era experiments that wont die.

THE AGE OF ADALINE (Lionsgate) Any woman who, after a mysterious accident, ceases aging keeps your ex secret for years until she falls for a man that unwittingly reconnects the woman's along with your ex past. (Not rated; violence, gore)

THE CURSE OF DOWNERS GROVE The suburban Chicago high school includes a curse: Each and Every year, 1 senior dies inside a gruesome accident. (Not rated; violence)

WOLF WARRIOR The leading marksman with most the Chinese military finds himself in the sights of a group regarding blades regarding hire. (R; pervasive violence, disturbing images)

I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS Any widow as well as former singer decides she's a little uncomfortable together with the woman's too-comfortable, solitary life, along with begins contacting new friends, her dvd player critics daughter as well as love. Fantasy-action movie throughout Mandarin together with English subtitles. (Not rated)

MISERY LOVES COMEDY (Cinedigm) Actor-comedian Kevin Pollak interviews dozens of actors as well as comics which includes Tom Hanks, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Schumer, Bob Saget, Jim Gaffigan, Larry David, Lewis Black, Mike Birbiglia and many other people concerning his or her job. (PG; mature themes, brief language)

THE D TRAIN Jack Black plays a man who's been uncool since high school, that sets out to get the class' coolest little one now an actor within Los Angeles to become able to come back house pertaining to their own senior higher school reunion, and then obtain more than he bargained for. (Not rated; violence, gore)

FIVE STAR The former gang member teaches the particular son of his slain mentor the code with the streets. (R; violence, rape, language, several sexuality)

BROKEN HORSES In the eve of getting married, a new son (Anton Yelchin) returns the place to be able to find discover his simple-minded brother (Chris Marquette) has been turned into a hit man by way of a crime boss (Vincent D'Onofrio). (Not rated; some violence, gore, language)

CHECKMATE (Alchemy) Supernatural thriller centered on a bank robbery, using Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, Sean Aston, Mischa Barton. (Not rated)


SEPT. (Not rated; violence, mature themes)

LORDS OF LONDON The London gangster must confront his past consequently he doesn't wind up reliving his crime boss father's. Within Mandarin along with English subtitles. 15


SEPT. 22

PITCH PERFECT (Universal), RESULTS (Magnolia), CHAIN OF COMMAND (Lionsgate), HARPER LEE: FROM MOCKINGBIRD TO WATCHMAN (First Run), THE JOURNEY HOME (RLJ Entertainment). Made-in-Milwaukee indie movie produced along with written by simply Milwaukee native Jeff Gendelman. (Not rated; mature themes, brief gore)

GLEN CAMPBELL...I'LL BE ME Documentary follows singer Glen Campbell about his farewell tour, begun just after he disclosed he ended up diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Fable-ish love story starring Blake Lively, along with Michiel Huisman since the modern-day man regarding your ex goals and also Harrison Ford since the blast coming from her past. (Not rated; violence)

Compiled by Chris Foran

. Throughout German with English subtitles. (MVD Entertainment)

SEPT. (R; violence, pervasive language, some sexual material, brief drug use)

DEANO AND NIGE'S BEST LAST DAY EVER (Vega Baby) Any doofus accidentally kills the hitchhiker inside a hit-and-run, as well as turns for you to his oldest, best mate to help conceal the particular crime. (Not rated; violence)

PANIC 5 BRAVOAn ambulance crew moves towards the U.S.-Mexican border to become able to retrieve an injured man, and they locate on their particular own beneath siege by a few really poor men. Comedy-drama starring Blythe Danner, in her very first leading screen role throughout years, along with Sam Elliott, Malin Akerman, June Squibb, Rhea Perlman, Mary Kay Place. with January Jones. (Not rated)

PARANORMAL ISLAND 3 small bartenders operating at a haunted bar in the middle of a lake discover on their particular own stranded after hours, with a ghost on the prowl. Director George Miller's high-octane reboot with the franchise, along with Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult. (Not rated; sex)

DARK WAS THE NIGHT Following any logging company decimates part of the rural town's forest, dark and also sinister events lead locals to trust an old evil continues for you to be reawakened. 18

SALAD DAYS: Any DECADE OF PUNK IN WASHINGTON, D.C. (R; violence, language)

THE FACE OF AN ANGEL A New journalist plus a documentary filmmaker acquire sucked in for you to a murder case involving an American girl inside Rome. (R; violence, gore, rape, pervasive language)

LAWLESS KINGDOM 4 crime-fighters along with superpowers within ancient China have got to save your kingdom, again. Darkish comedy along with James Marsden, Kathryn Hahn, Jeffrey Tambor, Mike White.


MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Thirty a prolonged time following he went "Beyond Thunderdome," Max along with Tom Hardy in the role that will made Mel Gibson the global star is back about the road, acquiring depressed by an explosive battle among warlords as well as rebels. Informed inside a blend regarding documentary as well as fictional storytelling through director Keith Miller. (R; sex, nudity, language, drug use)

BOULEVARD Within certainly one of his final screen performances, Robin Williams plays any closeted bank employee whose unexpected friendship using a youthful hustler forces him to be honest along together with his wife along with himself. (Not rated)

GAMEPLAY (Public Media Distribution) Documentary exploring the start along with unending rise of video gaming in modern culture. Thriller with Jason Ritter, Luke Mitchell, Kris Kristofferson, Joel Murray. with Kathy Baker, Bob Odenkirk. (Not rated; language, violence)

GOOD KILL Ethan Hawke as an Air Force pilot whose new gig guiding drones on their own deadly missions, getting orders from your CIA begins to erode his confidence as well as identity as becoming a warrior. New Zealand comedy together with Bret McKenzie ("Flight of the Conchords"), Hamish Blake. (Not rated; violence, gore)

RUN, HIDE DIE one 12 months right after the girl husband's murder, a female joins her 4 best pals for a weekend at a cabin within the woods where they're terrorized by somebody with an unseen agenda. (PG-13; suggestive content)

AMERICAN HEIST (Lionsgate) When his brother can be released through prison right after going pertaining to a rap for a crime they each committed, a new mechanic is coerced straight into engaging in a bank robbery. (Not rated)

SHOWRUNNERS: THE ART OF RUNNING Any TV SHOW (Public Media Distribution) Documentary profiling the actual showrunners the people that truly find TV shows created powering some of recent prime time's greatest shows. (Not rated)

THE CHAMBERMAID The chambermaid living vicariously through your guests in the resort where your woman works connects with a contact girl working your place. Crime drama together with Ray Winstone. Noirish thriller directed simply by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. (Not rated; violence, gore)

ALPHA AND OMEGA: THE LEGEND OF SAW TOOTH CAVE Animated sequel where the wolf cubs investigate an allegedly haunted cave. Chinese action movie. Dramatic thriller directed simply by Michael Winterbottom, inspired from the Amanda Knox case, using Kate Beckinsale, Daniel Bruhl, Cara Delevingne. Within Bulgarian using English subtitles

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